Commuter Information


  1. All NCW commuter buses are open seating, except for the first row on the door side of the bus, reserved for the conductor and one assistant Conductor.

  2. All persons entering the bus must give the driver a ticket except the Conductor with an ID badge from NCW (martz). Assistant Conductors must give a ticket.

  3. Children accompanied by a guardian requiring a seat must give the driver at ticket.

  4. Children small enough to sit in the guardian's lap are not required to give a ticket.

Overfull Buses

If an NCW commuter bus overfills and in turn leaves customers at a stop the customer may do one of two things:

  1. Wait for the next NCW commuter bus going to the same lot and ride that run.

  2. Ride the next NCW commuter bus (not to interfere with customers on that run); if the run does not go to their drop off lot the driver will finish the scheduled run then go back to the customer's stop.

  3. No customer is to take up more than one seat. If this occurs, the customer must pay full fare for each seat used.

Cell Phone Policy

In consideration of your fellow passengers, and proper rules of etiquette, cell phone usage is to be kept to a minimum. It is recommended that your cell phone be set to vibrate when a call is received. We understand that emergencies do arise and understand that customers will take those calls; however, it is prohibited to take a cell phone call in the first three rows for safety reasons. Additionally, when riding Martz commuter buses, passengers should refrain from using their phones to contact the Martz office to order/purchase tickets. We will greatly appreciate it if everyone will start adhering to our Cell Phone Policy.

Disabled Passengers

It is the policy of the Martz Group to allow physically-disabled passengers to board/de-board our coaches first and to utilize seats at the front of the coaches.